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"The level of competition is very high. We play the best teams in the country."
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"They're a team in crisis. Their coach left before the season started, so maybe in a year or two they'll come back stronger."
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"We're always prepared, whether mentally or physically. It's just a question of execution. And I think they're still cautiously optimistic. My hope and dream is for them to become arrogant in the next five, six weeks."
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"I think it's good. I love that kind of adversity, you know? Adversity and distractions only make us tougher."
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"We've been focusing on ball control and a little bit more on game situations like up-a-man, down-a-goal, and two-minutes-left. Those are the most critical times throughout."
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"I feel good. We had to win these two games, and we were successful. I'm fired up for next week, and then afterwards the fun begins."
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"We probably took a nap. I think in the third quarter, we tried to play with more ball control. I set some limitations out there."
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"We learned that we can compete at a high level. But we can never take our eyes off the prize and have a mental lapse for two, three minutes."
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"It is all good preparation for the future, but the future isn't next year. The future is now."
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"What we need is more experience. To compete at the highest level, we need more big-game experience, and this game will be huge for us in the tournaments."
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"They haven't won anything yet, know what I mean? We've won games, right, but to be in position to go to the national championship, I keep telling them that's what it's all about. You play the game for the big games and the big moments."
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"The last three days of training have been unbelievable days of progress. For about 40 seconds out there in today's practice, I just stopped and said, 'Hey, that was world class. That was at a national team level.' So I mean, it was great."
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"I think they were just trying to figure out what I want and what they want from each other. It's one of those things where you're trying to change a whole culture and it takes awhile to create an environment."
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"We can't give up five goals a half-that's much too much."
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"I'm not happy at all. I'm still thinking about those games against USC, UCLA and Stanford. For 30 seconds after the match I was satisfied. After this interview, I'm back to work."
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"We're hungry and we're confident. Walking down the streets right now I can stop four kids and ask them, 'Do you want to win?' and, yeah, they'll want to win. But they don't know how to win. The Cal girls wanted to win big, but they didn't put in the work. Now they are putting in the work. Our confidence is up, and it's all about one word now-preparation."
"She's improved so much. We made some mistakes, but she is so hard to score on now. She's the most improved player maybe in the country. Nobody ever heard of her last year, but now she's on everybody's radar."
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