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"The economy has been on a little bit of a seesaw, where we have had a softer fourth quarter, perhaps (a) still somewhat soft first quarter, with some improvements certainly for the second quarter."
"The healthcare area is in need of a wide range of workers. There are new ads for doctors, nurses, and technicians as well as the full range of support personnel from top executives and management jobs to records clerks, secretaries, food service and general administrative support."
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"Today's conditions are similar to those prevailing in the late 1980s, when there were also widespread reports of jobs available and no one to fill them."
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"Consumer income remains very strong and now there are bargain prices for a lot of new products that are just coming out to the market, big new computers, new DVD audio equipment,"
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"Historically, job advertising drops off in the months of November and December. This online series does not have a long enough history to seasonally adjust the data. However, we know from The Conference Board's long running Help-Wanted Index for print ads, as well as the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics' job vacancy index (JOLTS) that businesses typically decrease their recruitment in the last two months of the year. This seasonal November decline typically reflects the Thanksgiving holiday and a slowdown in recruitments after a seasonal upturn in the late summer/early fall. Year-end budget constraints may also play a role if funds are short for paid advertisements. Nationally, the downturn in new online ad volume the week before and the week of Thanksgiving more than offset the modest increases in the other weeks in November."
"The leading economic indicators suggest moderate growth into the fall."
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"Add this to the negative impact of the hurricanes and flooding, resulting in lost jobs and incomes, and lost output, and we could be in for slower growth through the end of the year."
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"We've seen the trade deficit widen each of the last four years at relatively the same pace. What's going to happen because of Asian flu is it will widen twice as fast this year as it did each of the last four years."
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