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"[Mrs. Schroeder, to no one's surprise, threw her support behind Mr. Valentino, nominating him for the post. Calling Mr. Valentino] a strong person, ... I think Angelo will have a very positive effect on the party. We're very energized right now."
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"The mood of the 80s - Get what you can, can what you get, and sit on the can."
"Traditional copyright has been that you can't make a full copy of somebody's work without their permission."
"You measure a government by how few people need help."
"I don't think there is a publisher association on the planet who says, 'Oh, this is a good idea,' ... 'Trust me. I'm copying your full book, but, believe me, I'm only going to use a little bit.'"
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"When it comes to college education, American families are paying more and getting less."
"Many women have more power than they recognize, and they're very hesitant to use it, for they fear they won't be loved."
"If you think there isn't enough hate and polarization in America, you're going to love this bill."
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"If the search engines don't respect the creators, there won't be anything to search in the future because creators have to make a living too."

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