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"You saw what happened this year. It can happen. It starts to filter through. Different opinions are given out, and things happen that shouldn't happen."
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"My age is getting up there, but that doesn't mean my play has to diminish,"
"I can only hope that loss drives a lot of guys, ... I can honestly say that in my training sessions, my mind was focused on the fact that those last couple of steps off the field was somebody else celebrating once again in a big game. Personally, I don't want that to happen again, and I am going to do everything in my power not to have that happen again."
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"That's what I love so much about this team. We have some warriors here. We have some guys who go out there and fight. That's the best thing about this team. No matter what happens, we just keep fighting. You have to love that."
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"It was just good to get back out there to practice your craft, to get that nasty taste out of your mouth. To get going towards another week of positive thinking."
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"But I mean, I felt their pain. How close we were, for that many years, to get to that point, and then lose it? We talked our way to where we wanted to be and we played our way to where we wanted to be. From the year before, we knew where we needed to be to get that next level. Then we got there and we couldn't capitalize."
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"It still stings a little bit regardless of the circumstances of him not being here. You still would like to have that guy on your side because you can count on him. From all reports, everybody in the organization and on both sides of the situation felt that this was the best thing to do. So they did it and you have to live and keep on playing."
"But that shouldn't matter to us. If they get the ball on the 30-yard line, our mind-set is we should still hold them to a field goal."
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"That game is over with. We have to get on with the rest of the season."
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"To risk what he is potentially risking to want to stay out on the field, that's just the toughness that he has. That really speaks to what he thinks of this team and what he is as a player."
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"They came out and everything they did clicked. Everything we did didn't work. We know in no way that's who we are. The bye came at a time where guys can use it. After a loss like that, it's good to get away."
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"We can't worry about the playoffs. We have to worry about the Giants."
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"I hate to go because somebody has gone down with an injury, but being the first alternate, that happens. This is something that I work for each and every year and I never take it for granted. It's an honor."
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