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"The worst thing is to carry inventory over. Unless it's wine, it doesn't get better with age. It's basically better to sell it for 10 cents on a dollar than keep it."
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"There are simply no new ideas here."
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"We think there's very few of them that can be long-term buys because of the fashion aspect of it, ... In Gap's case, what's happened here is that they've acknowledged that they have missed fashion but, in terms of their inventory management, they'll be delivering more frequently to the stores with less inventory commitment to each delivery. That should minimize their markdowns and improve their gross margins."
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"They had come close to the edge of chaos and looked over, and they didn't like what they saw, ... Now they were saying that China needs time to heal its wounds, that we'll have gradual change instead."
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"Beijing is just testing its wings as a global player. This agreement is a major sign of China having achieved that stature."
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"Gap is experiencing weakness across all its brands, with its merchandise problems exacerbated by its aggressive square footage growth,"
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"It's very mixed. When you get into an environment like this, the extremes get magnified -- the good do better and the struggling do worse. It's like quicksand."
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"The one thing that everybody kind of has tucked into the back of their minds is that if there is some sort of event that affects a mall between now and Christmas. It's hard to say whether another plane crash like this is going to have much of an impact yet."
Author: Baum Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"They have their planned promotions, but they have to be prepared to add some planned promotions in there if business is not happening."
Author: Baum Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"There was a sense of disbelief after June 4, ... People in China, even liberal intellectuals, were sobered by the crackdown and its ferocity."
"It was a little bit slower than it has been, but consumer electronics and home furnishings are still very, very strong. If we were truly in a secular slowdown, we would see slowdowns in all categories."
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