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"Somebody his age and at the stage of his development, we don't want him sitting around for a long period of time and not playing."
"Jonathan, ... has an intense natural curiosity."
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"I think the one about not having played is the least relevant [criticism] of all, ... I want to have a relationship with the players. I want to be available to them. But I'm not going to be telling them how to hit a curveball. That's not my job."
"He will be a source of creativity and ideas now and in the future. I am excited about someone with his knowledge and skills joining our baseball operations staff."
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"Phil has come in to camp in great shape, and seems committed to staying there. We've got a commitment there, and we're going to give him every opportunity to make the best of it."
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"We looked for durability and consistency. In today's game, 200 innings is the benchmark that defines consistency and durability. The inherent value is that it takes you directly from the starters to the back end of your bullpen. It allows you to bypass the more unpredictable parts of the pitching staff."
"The circumstances in the big leagues have changed but the reasons for sending them out haven't. We want to give them a chance to succeed and come at their own pace."
"We want to let him get a sense of where we're at and the framework of some of the ideas we're going to mull over the next month."
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"There is a hunger level on the team and we want to see what we can do. This is not a perfect roster or win-at-all costs situation. We have the opportunity for the next few years to continue to put out a competitive club."
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"Bullpen, I think, is the most unpredictable part of the game, for me. You can build a quality bullpen so many ways. What I want is to slip a few pieces of it in and then bring in a lot of quality arms, then sort it out from there."
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"[Rod] has really entrenched himself as a quality player and a key contributor to this club. Rod is certainly our starter, he's earned that, and he has a bright future with the club, as does Gerald. ... We signed Rod to a one-year deal but it could be a longer fit than that."
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"Juan had something like six out of eight quality starts at the end of the year, and that's not counting 10 strikeouts earlier against the Yankees. There's no denying the ability. As he continues to mature, we'd like to look at him as someone we can rely on. If you look at the back end of the rotation guys around the league, he could be in the upper echelon."
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"That's the reality, and you can't overlook it. Rod can be a free agent, but we don't want get ahead of ourselves. Rod is the starter now and at some point we'll address that. Rod's got the job and the experience and you hope Gerald learns from him."
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"Absolutely not. Including the Florida trade, at no point were we mentioning Hank's name. I didn't bring it up on any occasion. The Marlins deal was a unique opportunity that we had to consider."
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"There is no trade or pending trade despite reports to the contrary and we expect him to be here this year and at a minimum, next year. Since we acquired him from the Yankees, there has been endless speculation about where he might be headed. We have been consistent in saying that he is a piece of the puzzle we are putting together."
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"By the nature of his injury, it's going to be tough to get him stretched out as a starter."
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"He's doing very well. That was a calculated risk ... not putting him on the roster, but he's starting to pitch well. He has a big fastball and one of the best breaking balls in the system. It wouldn't surprise me if we have a need, he could help us this year."
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"The last four years have just been a whirlwind learning curve for me, and John has made it a lot easier. It didn't take me long to realize my future wasn't going to be on the field. So this is what I have aspired to for quite a while."
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