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"The misconception is that icons are worshipped when in actuality they are venerated, a way of making an environment more conducive for worshipping. This is how the Orthodox Church supports the creation and use of icons within the church."
"Bankruptcy is becoming less of a risk, due not only to the rising fare environment but also to the likelihood that we are going to see some type of wage or productivity concessions."
"It is clear from this report, and from a series of other studies published throughout the year, that the environment is something like the red ribbon running through the Millennium Development Goals."
"All things that make up an SOA environment are candidates to be integrated on top of an appliance,"
"We're getting back to fundamentals. I think you're in that type of environment. There's a better feeling in the economic world, and the market's just doing well. We started off shaky and just picked up by the close."
"We encourage people to come. We believe that loyal people to racing will understand. The environment is evolving and we believe that there will be understanding that not all phases of [the building] are completely open but that [patrons] will bear through it because that's part of the journey to do something spectacular."
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"The new competitive environment in light commercial vehicles has opened up a lot of opportunities for Mercedes-Benz sales in New Zealand. We are no longer considered a niche product. We are a viable option for businesses and contract drivers."
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"It's a good environment for training exercises until large-bodied aircraft start controlling the airspace. That could be several years away at least."
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"He's going to be great. He's one of those guys that you can put him in any environment and he's going to adapt and excel."
"We're gambling with other things in the environment or genes or both, ... The fact that Jennings smoked for a long period of time increased his risk of getting lung cancer. How much that risk was dissipated by stopping for 20 years I don't know, but it was obviously not entirely."
"In today's environment where you have to have supervision, it's beneficial to add elements of street soccer like extended periods of play without interruption into your practices. Coaches need to create an environment that helps the youth player navigate through the game."
"They had a great home-ice environment. And we didn't want to give them the first goal, and we did too easy."
"[The Owls are] athletic and long, and that's what Louisville is. We'll be playing in a tough environment, so I feel good going into that game because of the way we played against Temple."
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"We only expect a meaningful rebound in capital spending following a period of industry rationalization and an improved economic environment. Given the uncertainty as to the extent and timing of these events we are not providing specific financial guidance for the next quarter of full year 2001."
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"Stay away from short-term or long-term bond funds. These will do poorly in a rising interest-rate environment."
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"Tremendous speed. He can jump sideways, ... And he doesn't seem to be bothered by the environment."
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"Any time you can come on the road in a hostile environment on a short week and win, it's a challenge. All the guys in this locker room were challenged and I thought they responded."
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"It was an unusually good quarter for credit losses. But it reflects a better credit environment, and the underlying earnings were strong, too."
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"Only some personalities thrive in that sort of environment, those who don't will be misjudged and overlooked."
"There hasn't been the necessity to do that before. The environment is going to get highly competitive this year."
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