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"I hope that Aberdeen Airport will do everything possible to be a good neighbour."
Author: Adam Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I hope it's snowing. I think that will be cool for some reason. If there was some crazy snowstorm, it would make the story that much greater that we played a game out there at Lambeau Field with it snowing. It would be like a Packer game then."
Author: Burish Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"Powell was simply expressing hope. There is no deadline for Turkey to respond."
Author: Gul Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"Quit not certainty for hope."
"We are so happy with this election festival. So far, it's going very well and we hope it will keep going well until the end without any troubles."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"That's the result that these opponents hope to achieve."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"Many of the actors in these films had a glimmer of hope of being the next big thing at one point. They're still well-known enough from that spark to get name recognition."
Author: Lisanti Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We do hope to appeal to more Chinese."
Author: Gilsenan Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"No, I hope he just goes out and wins another tournament this week."
Author: McNamee Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We hope we're better. The reality is we had a pretty darn good team last year. But you can't just throw your gloves out there and be good again. We want to take that next step as a team."
Author: Boone Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"It is our hope that people begin to work more closely with the police, cooperating more with them because there is crime here. I think the community needs to stop looking at LAPD as the enemy."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We should check where we are next year. I hope everyone is in this for the long haul."
Author: Shriver Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I hope to be back soon."
Author: Russo Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"He mixes talent with great work ethic. He had a great freshman campaign and continues to improve. We hope with the continued strength development and experience that he will get faster and faster."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"The governor has a very large and loud bully pulpit to speak from and I hope the governor helps promote much of the enrollment in the next 18 days."
Author: Cresta Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress."
"I hope someone looks at him, ... He's a leader behind the scenes and on the ice. He's a tough kid who played through a couple of injuries this year. I hope he gets a look."
Author: Kilrea Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I just hope we can get a picture together after the game. Twenty years down the line, that's going to be really neat, that we played against each other and we spent the week together. It's going to be a great experience. ... I just feel sorry for my mom. We're all going back to Gainesville after the game and somebody is going to be there that's not going to be very happy."
Author: Mattison Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We had 12 kids advance to the section finals last year. Our hope this year is to have at least 11 or 12 make it to the finals."
Author: Mears Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"To be honest, I never imagined we'd get there. We had a great team, the best. I hope we showed everyone what a great sport baseball is."
Author: Suzuki Quotes Category: Hope Quotes

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