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"At Emerson we never use the term 'lobby,' ... We use the term 'educate.' Our management believes that if we can educate elected officials to the global challenges that American businesses face today ... that hopefully they will make better public policy decisions."
"The first round goes to management."
"have the very best management."
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"They have a team approach to management, but the strategy has been consistent."
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"The pressure on GM management is greater than ever ... to adopt a more aggressive turnaround strategy."
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"Captaris widened its lead in 2004 in large part because of its strategy to add workflow and document management products to its RightFax fax server. Captaris is embarking on a future where it sells complete solutions to business entities that solve all their paper problems."
"Both owning asset management and not owning asset management are reasonable positions to take."
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"The second location is a huge step, a really difficult transition. It changes the whole management organization. It's lots of money, lots of organizational problems."
"We believe this success is a direct consequence of companies' improved management of the M&A process, from target selection and pricing, to due diligence to implementation. In the future, this learning curve will certainly continue. So, while gaining competitive advantage through M&As is now a legitimate business strategy for growth, long-term success will depend on increasingly sophisticated M&A capability."
"I'd like to thank the management for handling this issue in such a sensitive way,"
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"Delta pilots continue to negotiate. But the management team has still not moved from their $325 million figure other than cosmetically."
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"Many of the employers mentioned that the job seekers seemed more prepared for the event and more qualified for management positions."
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"SASAC will decide whether to set up asset-management companies according to the development."
"Tivoli is coming out with a new set of technologies around composite application management and what we're announcing here is we're integrating support so that Rational Performance Tester is directly tied to those data collectors."
"It would nullify the state management plan."
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"While management will likely continue to guide conservatively, we expect 2006 outlook will be at least in-line with (analysts' consensus estimate of) $4.18. JC Penney's stepped up branding campaign, which kicks off March 2 and includes a temporary NY store, should drive some sales and more importantly position them for market share gains as industry rationalization frees up share."
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"We concur with the Joint Election Management Board that the candidates' demand to nullify the election is unjustified,"
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"The board and management have not made any decisions on what any clash guernsey might look like. Suffice to say when a design is agreed, members will be given the opportunity to make comments."
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"It will be hard for our management team to select a starting eleven,"
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"The conditions for establishing assets management companies have matured in China."

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