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"My health is okay. My experience will carry me even though I didn't play that many tournaments this summer. I'm mentally prepared."
"Life experience provides us feedback of our lives.On the other hand,trying to become an experienced person puts you in danger.We should let our selves get experience by the time only when your life is ready to provide it on the right time with the right people."
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"The way this year worked out was definitely a different experience for me, trying to make different adjustments through the year, ... It's certainly been a good experience. It's always good to be versatile and have that experience and know what it takes."
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"I'm a great believer in drawing experience and knowledge from people."
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"I think they become a little more explosive in the passing game, just from a standpoint of experience. I mean, this guy's a three-year veteran as opposed to a rookie. He's seen more looks."
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"A large consuming area in the Midwest is going to experience a relatively significant degree of cold weather, and that is going to help support these prices."
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"In the back I hope that the addition of Claudio Suarez will help because I feel that his experience will go a long way in terms of organization."
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"It's my first opportunity for game experience. I want to show the coaches I can move the ball and handle the offense. I'm just excited. I've been working hard and I expect to make some plays."
"None of those justices now serving (on the U.S. Supreme Court) have the breadth of trial experience that Harriet has."
"Tonight is not a setback. It's just a learning experience."
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"By bringing together the software experience and the service experience, we will better address the changing needs of our customers' digital lifestyles and the new world of work."
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"We had an inner strength and the players are better for that experience. We played the big teams and were never outclassed."
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"I think it's a wonderful experience, particularly if you are younger, because you can use all of this stuff you learn in cabaret. One of the reasons I love cabaret is the freedom. It's absolutely marvelous. It's great... that real freedom of being able to do anything you want. You can do five minutes on pantyhose."
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"(Yahoo) is now so desperate over the fact that they are losing several experienced software engineers with years of experience in the mobile industry, that they are now taking the exact opposite legal position."
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"The inexperience in this locker room just got a lot more experience."
"I certainly think he could do the job, ... because he has a lot of experience in football. He knows English football very well, knows the players and has a lot of contacts in England and everywhere to scout players."
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"The experience of people online is that you can convey the information more quickly, easily and deeply than you can in other mediums. Not to say the 30-second spot is going to go away in its entirety — it's just going to be augmented by other forms of marketing."
"We gathered great experience in the Champions League last season and you cannot beat experience in whatever you do,"
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"Our experience was, having been here before, a lot of guys, that was awesome."
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"It was tough. We have some experience on our side, which is nice."
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