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"I knew it had been awhile, but I didn't realize it was that long. Our philosophy is a little different. We don't start with an easy schedule. We try and get teams that will really challenge us and really prepare us well for district play. You do that and you're going to take your lumps, but you're going to be better. You just don't progress unless you play the best."
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"If the president wants a council that serves as a public seminar in moral philosophy, indeed, that is what he got."
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"But again, I think that's consistent with his philosophy, ... Whatever Al's philosophy is, it's been pretty consistent through the years, be it the type of players he gets to play corner(back), the coaches, their style of play, what he wears. It's all consistent."
"We still have the same (offensive) philosophy. We spread it out and put the weight on the quarterback's shoulders."
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"The philosophy hasn't changed. The NCAA is just trying to hook up the rules to the technology."
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"admire the philosophy of the Third Reich."
"Mick and I share the same philosophy - don't leave any stones unturned - and that's serving us well in our situation."
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"We are truly honored and appreciate all of the recognition the Hilton campaign has received. It reflects our company's philosophy and embodies a concept we live everyday and we are so glad that it has been so well received."
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"No. 11 (Cobb) and No. 2 (Jones) are pretty good 3-point shooters, but our philosophy tonight was to keep the ball away from them, a lot. And that's one of the things I thought we did well."
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"We've definitely re-established our philosophy. We're going to go with player development and scouting. And we're going to have to be totally overwhelmed (to make any trades). We're going to let players develop in their own time and go with the guys in our system. We saw last year how important it is to be patient and the best is yet to come."
"He's a terrific guy. He worked as hard as anybody. But the approach, the philosophy, were different."
"that they were very interested in making sure that the president nominated a second individual who shared the philosophy of judicial restraint."
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"My philosophy is never to compare myself with average."
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"Skepticism is the first step on the road to philosophy"
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"Our philosophy is to make you play end-to-end. These guys give me their hearts, but they also know I'll never be pleased."
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"We tried to limit their possessions. We're not going to score a lot of points, and our philosophy is that if we have the ball, the other team can't score."
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"Basically, the Colts' philosophy is low-fat, but it also has to be tasty. The worst thing is for a player to go away hungry. They don't want players to leave and call Domino's for a pizza, or to sneak away to a McDonald's and load up on hamburgers and fries. They don't want them to gripe about the food, because then they lose focus on why they are here."
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"A lot of us wanted somebody who has a pretty well-established and thought-through and set judicial philosophy,"
"It's always encouraging when these things happen, ... It's the same philosophy as we had at Star Lake Campus, using multiple delivery methods to reach multiple groups of people, from youths to adults."
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"That revenue sharing has been the philosophy with everything the NFL does, ... It's one of the pillars of the league. Short-term, economically, there isn't much benefit (to playing in the Super Bowl. Long-term, you do experience a lot of benefit from suite sales, more signage, that type of thing."

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