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"Avoid problems, and you'll never be the one who overcame them."
"It's too bad we have to lose a player of his stature, ... But this solves our financial problems and we're looking to reinvest that money."
Author: Burke Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"The testimony of Mr. Ono is extremely significant because he has made statements indicating Firestone was aware of the problems with its tires and was taking steps to address the situation without advising the government or the public,"
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"[The guidelines] say all the right things, ... They address all the issues that were raised as problems at the Air Force Academy. The major question is, how will be they become a reality? A lot of the people implementing this are the people who violated it."
Author: Foxman Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"I am too preoccupied with my work, and numerous problems and worries to notice it."
Author: Mohammed Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"I had no problems with the old rules, but I think taking the red line away will hopefully add to scoring and make the game faster, ... As a defenseman, I look at scoring negatively, but it works both ways. I wonder about the expectations though. I played in Sweden, without a red line, and I don't think the game was faster. On the other hand, I wasn't playing with the best players in the world, as in the NHL. We'll adjust to the new icing rules and in a few years we won't remember what it was like before. There's always calls for new rules, but I just hope the game doesn't change too drastically."
Author: Aucoin Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian"
Author: Paulsen Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"You don't have the problems of impacts on private property. You don't have the environmental impacts – these reservoirs are already in place."
Author: Alexander Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"The thing is, I did have problems and I wish her well,"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"We blacks had problems in the '60s and we solved them by marching. We've still got problems -- let's march."
Author: Sharpton Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"There will be a lot of mismatch problems. But I think our mismatches are better."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Our traditional method of striking has not resolved the problem of price increases and other socio-political problems in Nigeria."
"Assuming we don't run into any problems, the Nest's should be done by the end of the summer."
Author: Carley Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"I think there have been real difficulties and problems in the Milosevic trial. What will be important is the evidence that was presented to indicate the motivation and intent of Milosevic."
Author: Dicker Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"not to allow problems to rule you."
Author: Kalam Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"The purpose of problems is to push you toward obedience to God's laws, which are exact and cannot be changed. We have the free will to obey them or disobey them. Obedience will bring harmony, disobedience will bring you more problems."
"Investors are having problems with reliability and the problem is that it's not impossible to fake a statement of cash flows."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"It's the companies that came through the quarter without any problems that are the ones reacting well and they're not as cyclical as some of the others."
Author: Hyman Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"He felt good. No problems at all."
Author: Mann Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Daniel faces the same relatable problems that every father has to deal with. And if the problems seem heightened because of what he does for a living, then that just raises the stakes. And that makes better drama."
Author: Kenny Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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