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"We're hoping to create a heightened awareness of what is happening in northern Minnesota. We'll be looking at future industries to see what companies and processes that will provide opportunities in the future. This also provides us with the opportunity to showcase the resources we have available to support bio-business."
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"Ben is deceivingly strong. He has a lot of mat awareness and he can very physical when he needs to be. His win set the tone for the guys following him."
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"A.J. is playing with great awareness and great savvy. He looks like a guy that understands the pulse of the team he's running. The majority of the game, he's making our calls and directing us into things. He's a guy that really knows this team, as well as any player that I've had the opportunity to work with as a coach."
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"We exceeded our goal. More importantly, it created a lot of awareness for animal services and the reading festival."
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"It's about raising awareness of these issues and breaking down perceptions."
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"This is going to be our future, and we hope to create awareness."
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"I believe that sport is a catalyst in terms of heightening awareness to social issues. Sport always gave me the opportunity to meet people who were not the same as me. I have always been positive towards this and education is central to all of this. Sport can help in that regard."
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"We are beginning the contest on the heels of the AMBER Alert Awareness Day Proclamation issued by Governor Blunt on January 13. It is our hope that by partnering with schools throughout the state, this contest and awareness campaign will help protect Missouri children."
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"There's much more awareness about the problem of suicides in jails. Twenty years ago if you asked a sheriff, he wouldn't have any information on it or any sensitivity to it. It wouldn't be on his radar screen."
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"It is absolutely essential that the oppressed participate in the revolutionary process with an increasingly critical awareness of their role as subjects of the transformation."
"We put this course on for the drivers to improve their awareness of the conditions through there and to reduce the number of crashes as a result."
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"The Prime Minister has directed that we should make efforts to have a public awareness campaign on conservation."
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"We need something to encourage industry. And [bill sponsor, State Sen. Frank Wagner's] raising the awareness that we need a comprehensive energy policy that's specific to Virginia's needs."
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"We are going to have a greater urban impact. Anytime you can create awareness, it stands to create interest."
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"There is a growing awareness at all levels of how broken our system is becoming. Health insurance is becoming increasingly unaffordable. The proposals that have dominated at the federal level are generally counterproductive, including health savings accounts."
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"We've seen growing awareness of this notion of connectivity. And we'll continue to see this going forward in 2006."
"There is an awareness among oil producing countries that this extreme oil price is not in their best interest,"
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"If you want a friend, look first to see if you are willing to be one."
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"Just to create awareness would be enough, to at least get a debate started."
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"The awareness of historical and archaeological resources in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties is vitally important to our area's ongoing historic preservation efforts. This kiosk serves a critical element to the council's marketing infrastructure to promote these efforts to visitors as well as to area residents."
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