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"significant pressure on German companies to unwind their complex web of relationships."
"Too many times, you read too many instances where relationships develop and all of a sudden an officer is going to do something that's wrong on behalf of the inmates such as being in stuff he should not be having. We just wanted to cut that off before it even gets to that."
"We have good relationships. And that translates onto the court."
"YOU know, I may have to be born again, you see, I have fallen in love with mankind."
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"You've got to give the credit for this to our (assistant) coaches. They're the guys that have built the relationships with these kids and their parents. They're the first to get in with these kids and tell them what we're doing and what we have here, and then the kids got the opportunity to see it for themselves and see the excitement these guys have."
"I have to have the director be my guide - I have to have that relationship with the director or else I go bonkers."
"We are in a difficult business situation and we know the only way to initiate change effectively is by working together. The true test of a strong relationship is measured during times such as these."
"We are entering a positive, productive stage in our relationship. There is definitely a positive momentum affecting our relationship."
"A lot of women, like my mother, never got into another relationship. She knew I didn't want it; it would take attention away from me."
"The staff review committee noted the unique relationship between the university and the Seminole Tribe of Florida as a significant factor. The decision of a namesake sovereign tribe, regarding when and how its name and imagery can be used, must be respected even when others may not agree."
"We have strengthened and enhanced our traditional relationships and presence at Huey P. Long Medical Center, and the Alexandria VA hospital,"
"We have strengthened and enhanced our traditional relationships and presence at Huey P. Long Medical Center, and the Alexandria VA hospital."
"We believe Eaton Vance has a well-defined niche and reputation for tax-efficient investing, combined with strong distribution relationships. As such, [we] view it as well positioned to participate in the expected favorable, long-term growth of the asset management industry."
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"There are great industries of psychotherapy that address our difficulties in 'relationships' -- that pallid, pseudoscientific word the very timidity of which makes substantial attachments impossible. One has to have a tin ear to describe one's great love as a relationship."
"Our Union: It must be preserved"
"We have several banking relationships with Okanogan businesses and residents of Okanogan. This makes it more convenient for them and those that are not members. This is an opportunity for us."
"We lack billing relationships. We lack credit-card relationships with our consumers,"
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"It's been a great relationship,"
"What is your relationship to her?"
"The idea is to try to get relationships developed because it's my thought that when an athletic director has to hire a major coach, he doesn't have time to really start meeting people. There's the statement made that ADs hire people they know. Well, it's true. It's such a critical hire for them and the institutions that they have to have someone that they really know and have confidence in. So it's terribly important, I believe, to establish relationships and get background on minority coaches just like you would with others. So we took some extra effort to make sure that occurs."

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