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"We knew we were the first. It was a selling point. We also wanted him to feel the belief we had in him."
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"We really liked what we saw out of him last year, ... The more we're around him, the more our belief and trust in him goes up. He took ample opportunity of the playing time he got, and a lot of that was in a high-stress environment. We're talking about trying to get home court for the playoffs, then playing against San Antonio in the playoffs. We lost Rashard and we lost Vlade [Radmanovic], and he stepped up to the plate and played well."
Author: Sund Quotes Category: Belief Quotes
"It is proof of a base and low mind for one to wish to think with the masses or majority, merely because the majority is the majority. Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people."
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"There are two ways to slice easily thorugh life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking."
"Some folks think a real large proportion of players were using them, and there's widespread belief that Bonds was one of them."
"You guys ready to do this?"
"Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something."
"All money is a matter of belief."
"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me."
"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use."
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"For many years, I have lived uncomfortably with the belief that most planning and architectural design suffers for lack of real and basic purpose. The ultimate purpose, it seems to me, must be the improvement of mankind."

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