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1043 Competition quotes:

"I honestly forgot it was a competition."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"This move provides for even more intense competition on the track between drivers and manufacturers, which will provide more excitement and fan interest."
Author: France Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"This is something that's promoted by our competition. Consider this as part of the bigger picture of TCO. We have customers who have moved and see the advantage of the whole Linux solution,"
Author: Green Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"People get blasé about Casa Grande winning, but this was the first academic decathlon competition for this team. The students had a lot of pressure on them, and had to do a lot of work. It was great to see them have fun with it."
"I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing."
"We played pretty well against some good competition. I'm satisfied with our performance."
"She was excited about her dance competition the next day and was telling me stuff she was going to do after school."
Author: Duffey Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"Absolutely, heck yeah. We're counting on that competition."
"During this economy, reaching across the competitive aisle will either bring a slap or embrace."
Author: booher Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"I think that the competition is very solid. That, coupled with the great fields and the weather (makes it appealing). And the beach doesn't hurt either."
"The kids are ready to play. It goes beyond getting the pads. They want the competition."
"They want to get you into a scoring competition, and we needed to avoid that. But that's exactly what happened. They are a tough team to beat in that type of game."
Author: Irwin Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"I was surprised myself about the long jump. I love competition and I saw another girl was getting close to my best so I just let it go. I am very happy. This was a great meet."
Author: Doyley Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"On a pure technology basis, we are leapfrogging our competition in terms of processing performance and compute power, both in terms of the number of CPUs customers can order as well as in the performance of the processors themselves,"
"Before there was only one dominant party. Today there is a competition over serving the people regardless of who wins."
Author: Hassan Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"When the competition was over, ... five years of frustrations and just being so close, knocking on the door so many times and have it taken away from my by, you know, less than what's measurable.. To finally win that gold medal, it really was an amazing experience and an amazing sensation."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"The three points will serve us really well for the rest of the competition. The road is long but it's clearer."
Author: Sarr Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"That competition has helped us. We'll be as prepared as we can be, but the time off will really help us, too. We needed a rest."
Author: Hewitt Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"It's harder to qualify for state than it is to the YMCA Nationals. That tells you how good the competition is in Ohio."
"We are delighted with our strong earnings, particularly recognizing both the increased market competition as well as the quarter's volatile markets,"

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