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"I think everything he said was great. The team is going in the right direction."
Author: Baldelli Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"It's a small step in the right direction."
Author: May Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"One of our goals is to win the league. We're going in the right direction."
"However, we will take this opportunity to re-examine the strategic direction of Gateway to fine-tune our products, services and approach to our professional and consumer direct markets."
Author: Snyder Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"People, like sheep, tend to follow a leader - occasionally in the right direction."
"It is only in misery that we recognize the hand of God leading good men to good."
"After today's proceedings I feel supremely confident that Michigan is headed in the right direction and is continuing to work and update safety strategies in case we have to face a pandemic. In yesterday's New York Times, Michigan was reported as being one of the top 20 states prepared to manage a catastrophic event. It seems we are on the right track."
Author: Nitz Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"He doesn't do a lot of looking off. Once he looks at a certain direction, you can pretty much guess he's going to throw that way. He looked to the left and didn't see nothing. Once he did that, I knew he was in scrambling mode."
"With a lack of any key economic news, once again the direction of the dollar is linked to the volatility on Wall Street."
Author: Beuzelin Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"What they're planning to do on a couple of pesticides is a step in the right direction but the EPA has not gone far enough."
Author: Goldberg Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"They're starting to believe in the direction they're going in."
Author: Mannello Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"(The earnings) represent real progress, ... The key is growth margins went in the right direction, unit volume increased quarter on quarter, and expenses came down. We threw off over $300 million in cash. All of those were in the right direction. So I think we're on our way."
Author: Amelio Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"The market is struggling for new direction. Each new piece of information on the economy is giving mixed signals,"
"likes the direction the franchise is moving."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"True friends... face in the same direction, toward common projects, interests, goals."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"What is really sad is he had an incredible opportunity to lead this department in a new direction, but he chose to alienate people. Our members are tired, they're demoralized, we have an unclear chain of command, and the management team is in complete disarray. It all happened under Mr. Hickman's watch."
Author: Corcoran Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"We felt we actually got things going in the right direction last week. We won the football game last week and lost. That was one we felt we should have won. We dominated the game and we lost. [Monday] we dominated the game and we won."
Author: Vermeil Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"Today's (Tuesday) trade is best summed up as skittish consolidation. We're struggling for direction in thin trade with people reluctant to do much ahead of the anniversary. You saw a late-day reversal yesterday (Monday) from the morning's lows and you're seeing a little pop-up right now, but it doesn't mean anything fundamental. Program traders are dominating the day to day."
"This trade deficit news certainly points in the direction that the U.S. economy is slowing."
Author: Cardillo Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"I think the direction they've said is a positive direction. The question is, 'Are they are going to go there strongly enough?"
Author: Pope Quotes Category: Direction Quotes

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