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"It has been very obvious to us that they are not so much interested in electricity,"
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"Rural communities welcome wind farms because they provide income to farmers and ranchers, skilled jobs, cheap electricity, and additional tax revenue to upgrade schools and maintain roads."
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"Electricity produced in the name of the poor is consumed by the rich with endless appetites,"
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"You're seeing the effects of an electricity pricing mechanism that's tied to the cost of natural gas. Companies that are larger producers from coal and nuclear are getting a higher-than-anticipated benefit."
"We're really not trying to make it miserable for people. But it's burning electricity. Our quick estimate is that it's costing us $100,000 per year."
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"We've been painting and turning on the water for the boaters, making sure those facilities (water and electricity) work so we'll be up and ready for the start of the season."
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"Electricity doesn't travel very well. And there's no big power consumer among China's immediate neighbors that China can sell to."
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"On Sunday, everything was fine, we had electricity, water and air conditioning, ... On Monday, we lost electricity. By Tuesday the water was coming in through the holes in the roof, the electricity and air conditioning were off and toilets were beginning to back up. People were getting frustrated."
"The price of gasoline, electricity, the price of natural gas, it's been a triple hit for the consumer."
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"You cannot provide electricity by importing all of your power from other states. You absolutely must have some of it where the people are."
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"[The center also has 300 gallons of water stocked up and a generator to provide electricity.] I anticipate Lufkin to lose power on Sunday, so we are preparing be without power, ... A nursing home must maintain electricity as long as possible because many of our patients are on oxygen concentrators and feeding tubes that depend on electricity to run. And there are a lot of meals to prepare."
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"You could just feel the electricity in the crowd there. Even though that one doesn't go in. I think it gave us a big lift. All of the sudden the guys see that they could put one in, that we could create some good opportunities."
"Farmers are facing a double whammy - an income squeeze, and they're also facing a cost squeeze with electricity (and) gas going up,"
"And God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected."
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"This supply of fuel will enable the plant to continue to operate in safety and provide much-needed electricity to the western power grid of the country."
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"When the electricity goes out and everything else goes out -- you don't have the pumps to pump it out either. Because it doesn't work either."
"Innovations such as this will help broaden Canada's mix of clean, reliable sources of electricity, ... This technology will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, build expertise in clean energy and help us move toward a greener future. It's also very encouraging to see Atlantic Canada on the leading edge of this technology through Atlantic Hydrogen, UNB and other partners."
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"You're cutting out the energy cost on your electricity for running the piece of equipment plus the water usage."
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"Imagine if your hair was to stand up from static electricity, that's kind of what the corona looks like all around the sun."
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"Providing clean, dependable and affordable electricity is the single most important commodity we can contribute to improving the quality of life in underdeveloped countries."

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