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Custom Notepads and Journal Books

Although more and more people are taking notes via their tablets and smart phones, there are still plenty of folks who rely on good old fashioned pen and paper. If you're one of those old school types, then you already know how indispensable a handy notebook and pen can be. That's why our custom notepads and journal books make such great gift options for your company's award program. They're handy and practical!

Custom Notepads and Journal Books

Journals and Notebooks To Improve Your Leadership Ability, Build Strong Teams, and Keep You Organized

For this piece, rather than describe individual examples of the notebooks we carry, since we carry so many of them, we thought it would help narrow your search by describing the different types of notebooks we carry. There are more different types than you might think! Here they are:


This category might stretch the definition of 'notebook' but only a little. Everybody needs a handy place to jot random notes down while on the phone, and these are the notepads in this section are the perfect desktop companion. Small, unobtrusive and available in a staggering variety of styles and colors, these little notebooks are handy in just about any setting.

Pocket Notebooks

These miniaturized notebooks typically measure 4.5" x 6" and are small enough to fit into a purse or go-bag. Most of them feature a handy pen loop so you don't have to go rooting around for your pen once you secure your notebook. We carry them in a variety of colors with your choice of inspirational message, making them incredibly versatile.

Spiral Notebooks

These are exactly like the spiral notebooks you probably used while you were in school, except that ours feature a variety of inspirational images and message, and some even allow you to create your own custom message for added personalization or to show off your brand. These are the notebooks of choice for many hard-working employees.


Again, these bear a lot of similarity to the portfolios you used when you were in school. Add a pad of paper and you're all set. Plus they have the added advantage of having storage pockets, making them perfect for training sessions, seminars, and presentations.

Leather Padfolios

These are functionally similar to our cardstock padfolios except that they're fashioned of supple, attractive leatherette and the image or message is embossed into the leather. This is a more upscale gift with an elegant refined look, and is sure to be deeply appreciated.

Journal Books

Not everyone will get a lot of use out of a journal, which is a hardbound book without any content. We offer a modest selection of these with your choice of inspirational messages and of course, the option of customizing the cover and creating your own message for added personalization.

What Notebook or Journal is Right for You?

This comes down to knowing your employees and their preferences. If you have a writer or a book lover in your team, you can ask for their help to think of meaningful gifts you could give your employees. A superb choice! So which of these personalized notepads is the best fit for them? Whichever option you settle on, you'll find plenty to choose from!

Custom & Personalized Journals

Are you looking to customize journals for your organization or brand. Personalizing journals with your company logo to completely designing the custom color, page count, size and more is possible. Just give us a call today to start designing your custom journal.

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