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Stress Reliever Toys for Office

Motivational stress relievers are fun employee gifts that reward & show your appreciation and relieve workplace stress. With over 30 exclusive designs, our exclusive fun motivational gifts and stress relief toys will inspire with every squeeze.

Stress Reliever Toys for Office

7 Office Stress Relieving Tips for Your Employees

On average, business professionals have anywhere from 30-100 projects going on at any given time. Modern workers can be interrupted as much as seven times in an hour, thus losing 2.1 hours of work time every day. To top it off, four out of every 10 people work in a large company in the middle of a major corporate overhaul. These individuals aren't certain what their future holds in store for them. It makes sense why more than 40 percent of all adults have trouble sleeping at night. All they can do is think about all of the work stress employees endured throughout the day. If you want to eliminate stress, try some stress relief gifts and the following tips and tricks.

1. Take Time to Stretch and Get Moving

A recent study conducted by researchers in Japan found that a fifteen-minute walk in the woods every day can reduce your cortisol levels (cortisol being the stress hormone) by as much as 50%! If you don't work near woods or any type of natural setting, not to worry. The same researchers found that a fifteen-minute walk in an urban setting will still give you a 25% cortisol reduction, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

This one is as simple as getting up from your desk and taking a short walk once a day to clear your head. Try it and see for yourself just how effective it can be! You don't have to go out on a 5k run just to get a runner's high. Any type of exercise, such as walking and yoga, can help to alleviate depression and anxiety through aiding the brain in releasing feel-good chemicals and providing your body with an opportunity to learn how to handle stress. A quick walk around the block, head down a few flights of stairs or take the stairs up to work and even doing some simple stretches is all it takes to ease tension and stress. Give funny stress balls for co-workers for them to use while walking it off.

2. Work Along With Your Inner Body Clock

Perform a mental scan of your body to get an idea of how stress affects it every day. Lie down on your back, or you can sit with your feet flat on the floor. Begin with your toes and work all the way up to your scalp. Take time to notice how your body is feeling.

Being aware of those places where you feel loose or tight without trying to make any changes is important. For a minute or two, imagine every deep breath flowing down to those body parts. Continue repeating the process as you go through the different parts of your body, paying special attention to the sensation felt in each part of the body.

3. Laugh the Stress Away

A good laugh doesn't just help to lighten your load on a mental level, it also helps to lower your cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone in the body. Another great thing about laughter is that it helps to boost the chemicals in your brain, known as endorphins, to help lighten your mood. Lighten things up by turning to your favorite comedy Youtube clip, chat with someone who makes you laugh or read your favorite comic strip.

4. Practice Your Breathing

As an adult, if there's one thing you probably figure you've mastered by now, it's breathing. The truth is though, that most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about their breathing, and there's value in doing so. Take a few minutes out of each day to just relax and focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and draw in a deep breath, hold it for a slow five-count, then exhale slowly and repeat. Spend just five minutes a day focused on the simple act of breathing and you'll find yourself more relaxed and clear-headed, and ready for whatever else the day may hold.

5. Music To Soothe Stress

Few things can transport us in quite the same way that music can. To use this one, just carve out the last ten or fifteen minutes of your lunch break each day, put your earbuds in or blast it on a mobile Bluetooth speaker, and queue up some of your favorite music. Just close your eyes and let the music wash over you. It doesn't really matter what you listen to, as long as it's something you enjoy. Lose yourself in it for a few minutes every day, and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel.

6. Visualization & Meditation

This is a simple meditative technique. It involves you picturing yourself in a relaxing setting. Perhaps in a hammock at some cozy beachside bungalow with a cold, refreshing drink close at hand. Again, the particulars don't matter if you select something you find soothing and enjoyable. Picture it vividly in your mind's eye and imagine yourself there. Doing so will re-center your mind and prepare you for the next part of your day.

7. Squeezable Stress Relievers

The next time you feel stressed at work and need relief, try using one of our nifty squeezable stress relievers. You can choose from an array of different shapes, sizes and positive sayings to help you unwind and make it through the day. Just give it a couple good squeezes when the stress is getting too much; and feel that stress vanish from your body. These are great little tools that managers frequently gift their employees.

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