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Updated Wednesday 11-20-2019
Excellence Chrome Pen Gift Set
starstarstarstarstar from JoeyB of Birmingham, Alabama

Excellence Chrome Pen Gift Set

Wonderful Motivational Gift
Great gift to reward over-performing team members and is a constant reminder and motivator to everyone who sees it on their desk!

Thanks For Being Awesome Mouse Pad
starstarstarstarstar from Whitney of Richmond, VA

Thanks For Being Awesome Mouse Pad

Loved it!
I gave this to my team members for Christmas. It brought a big smile to all of their faces!

Making a Difference Power Bank
starstarstarstarstar from Houstonpam of Houston, TX

Making a Difference Power Bank

My group powered through
I was hospitalized and then had a long recovery at home. My group of volunteers continued the work I had already laid out to do and then started the curriculum I had ordered for use in case I was ever laid up for a length of time. Information that everyone needed to see and use was uploaded to a secure section our church website. People made sure that every Sunday was covered by two trained adults. This group of volunteers went far beyond what I had hoped would happen in my absence. I'm blown away by the way they have powered through.