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2017 Customer Service Week

Customer Service week is October 2 - 6, 2017

This is a week of motivation for your organization by boosting morale. Successories has an exclusive collection of high quality items that you can use to reward customer representatives, spotlight the importance of customer service within your organization, give thanks to other departments for their support, and remind customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Oct 2 - 6, 2017

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Customer Service Week

A strong consumer base is necessary for the success of almost any business, and the first full week in October is set aside annually to recognize the important role customers play. Started in the late 1980s and officially recognized by the United States Congress in 1992, Customer Service Week is a chance for businesses to reward their loyal customers, attract new ones, and reinforce the importance of satisfied consumers to employees.

This week long celebration has also spread to emerging markets in other countries that have witnessed the success it has had for American businesses. Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the UK have all implemented their own Customer Service events and have noticed an improvement in the relationship between consumers and businesses. Some of the industries that benefit the most from loyal and satisfied customers include finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, communications, and hospitality. Healthcare, nonprofits and governmental agencies also benefit from a strong customer base.

Customer Service Week is the perfect opportunity for businesses to highlight the role consumers play, along with improving several aspects of the company. During this seven-day event, businesses can use the time to:

• Reward and recognize customer loyalty
• Remind returning and new customers of their commitment to providing excellent service.
• Raise awareness in the company on the importance of customer service.

This seven day period is also a great time to remember employees who have gone out of their way to ensure everyone is treated as a "valued customer". Recognizing the employees who are routinely on the floor or working in the service department can help stress the importance of customer satisfaction to the rest of the staff, along with boosting morale and inspiring teamwork among employees.

Celebrating Customer Service Week should be a fun experience for consumers and employees, and the best way to get everyone involved is to plan a few activities. Sending invitations to customers on the mailing list will get everyone in the door, and it is always a nice touch to add a personal greeting or coupon with the email. Some businesses have found success handing out "thank you" cards while others award customers door prizes. The main goal is to remind the customer of their importance and to let them know you appreciate their business.

Employees are also important to the success of a business, and these are also the faces that routinely meet and deal with customers. During this week in October it is a good idea to remember these employees, along with the rest of the hard working staff. Having fun games with small prizes scheduled throughout the week can keep the mood at work light and happy. When employees are happy at work, this often transfers over into better customer service. The simple games can also inspire teamwork, along with healthy competition.

While it might be the time to remember the important role customers play in the success of a business, the first week in October is also a great time to thank well deserving employees for their excellent service and people skills. Research has shown that when employees are happy and appreciated, customers are generally more likely to leave satisfied.

Customer Favorite Customer Service Week

Updated Monday 06-26-2017
Rosewood Service Award Plaque
Rating: | Reviewer: Sandman of Fayetteville, NC

Rosewood Service Award Plaque

Excellent plaque!

Service Path Framed Desktop Print
Rating: | Reviewer: June of Monrovia, CA

Service Path Framed Desktop Print

Excellent gift for doctor's service
Excellent service. Shipping arrived within a few days. Well packed and protected.

Service Waterfall Framed Award
Rating: | Reviewer: Staff of Los Angeles

Service Waterfall Framed Award

Excellent frame. Great Gift.
Highly recommended.

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