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Award Dedication Ideas for IT

Appreciation Awards

The foundation of excellence is built
with the quality of your actions.
Thank you for your service.
James Smith

Ling Chan
Leading the Team
with Brilliance
February 2009

Ray Kim
With appreciation for your attention to
detail and dedication to excellence
July 2009

Monthly Awards

Amar Patel
Employee of the Month
Information Technologies, Inc.
October 2009

Karen Williams
Web Designer of the Month
BFJ Group, Ltd.
January 2009

Performance Awards

Mei Chang
SEO Copywriter of the Year
BF Goodrich

Ahn Lee
Web Master Award – January 2009
Sync Media, Ltd.

Jerome Brown
Spirit of Innovation Award
February 15, 2009

Service Recognition Awards

Cathleen Jordan
Help Desk Service Award
Best Buy
July 2009

Team/Group Awards

To the Design Group
for your unparalleled creativity,
productivity and efficiency
April 2009

In recognition of excellence
The Quality Control Team
Information Technologies, Inc.

Years of Service

Carmen Miller
Celebrating 10 years of service
Sync Media, Ltd.
October 5, 2009

David Jones
In recognition of 20 years of service
BFJ Group, Ltd.
March 2009

Fai Kim
Thank you for 5 years
of exceptional leadership
Fisher, Inc. – May 2009

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