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Keeping Employees Engaged During an Economic Downturn
Retention is important in any business, but during difficult times, it can mean substantial savings to a company of any size. Read more »

Benefits of Recognition in a Challenging Economy
By implementing a strategic employee recognition program during recessionary times, you immediately position your company better than your competition by ensuring your people are in a positive mind-set. Read more »

Award Strategies for Three Generations
Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y think differently, perform differently and work differently. Rewarding them the same way across the board just doesn't make sense. Read more »

Recognition Reaps Rewards
The traditional controlling leadership of the past is no longer useful for today's managers. A "coach and cheerlead" model is more appropriate, encouraging individuals to reach their potential using their own skills and strengths. Read more »

Peer-to-Peer Award Programs on the Upswing
Every year the human resource management experts at WorldatWork survey the state of employee recognition among America's employers. Read more »

Awards: Compensation Vs. Recognition
Ask most consumers, employees, or companies what type of award they prefer, and the majority will usually answer cash. Read more »