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Rx for Employee Motivation

CHALLENGE: Creative solutions help Neighbor Care, New England Region, build a workplace that increases employee retention and motivates employees to be their best.

Interview with Rose Anocibar, Sales and Marketing Project Manager.

Part of Neighbor Care's success comes from the realization that employees are an investment, not a cost.
That's right. Once we put the time into attracting employees, we want to keep them long term and reduce the costs associated with turnover. How do we do this? By showing people they are valued. People work much harder when their efforts are noticed. And it doesn't take something big; little things go a long way toward making people feel appreciated.

What are some successful things Neighbor Care does to recognize and motivate employees?
We recently held a "success kick off" meeting to inspire everyone. Everyone at the meeting received a creativity mug and notepad so that when they're at their desks, they are reminded of the power they possess to help our company succeed. We have a matching piece of art in our foyer that unites our entire team around the creativity theme.

I'm also constantly amazed at how well parties boost morale. It is important to take time to celebrate the good things people are doing.

You've experienced first hand the power of praise. What difference does that make to you personally?
I have a great boss who is definitely a motivator. He is always there with me telling me how well I'm doing and what a great job I've done. What a difference that makes in my day. What if we got everyone thinking and feeling that way?

Likely it would positively impact important functions like productivity and customer service.
Absolutely. As one of the largest providers of pharmacy services to the long-term care marketplace, our business is highly dependent on customer service. It does matter how we answer the phone and how we treat people. Extra service means the difference between getting and keeping customers and losing them.

Describe the creative plans you have for motivating employees in the coming year.
I envision possibly developing a program where employees and managers can recommend employees who go out of their way to get the job done for an award. Everyone who is recommended receives one of the brass medallions from Successories. Once an employee collects a certain number of medallions, they can be redeemed for prizes like movie passes, merchandise or restaurant certificates.

We also love to use the Successories pictures, many hang on our office and pharmacy walls for motivation and inspiration. We would like to start using them as awards for our staff and customers. After all, customer satisfaction is what most businesses are all about, serving people!

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