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Make Every Space Motivate!

It's 9 am on a Monday morning. Your team is settled in with their cups of coffee and their computer screens. It looks like another long week ahead for everyone. But something is different. Everyone seems, well, upbeat. They smile more. They seem enthusiastic about their work. And everything is getting done on time and on budget.

This isn't a made-up scenario. In fact, in offices across the country, this very scene is being played out each and every day. So what can transform a group of employees like that? The answer is simple—motivation. When employees feel motivated, they become more productive, more passionate and more satisfied with their work.

And motivation begins with you. You have the power to make every employee feel good about what they do. And here are some easy ways to get started reinforcing important ideas and attitudes—at every desk, every single day.

Desktop Organization—pen holders, paperweights and photo frames all created to fit nicely on any desk. These desktop items are an affordable way to say, "Way to go!"

Binders and Folders—why use plain, boring folders when you can deliver a bold and colorful motivational message on thing your team uses every day.

Padfolios—Organization and inspiration in one convenient padfolio. We have plenty of style to choose from, each one reflecting your individual needs.

Paper, Pens and More—Give them the tools they need to communicate their commitment. These paper and pen products are as functional as they are motivational!

Novelties—Everyone needs a quick de-stressor once in a while. Give these out and watch the smiles appear. Also great as ice-breakers for meetings!

Mugs—Make sure they can take positive ideas with them, whether it's in the car or in a meeting. Mugs make great gifts, too!

So, where do you go from here?

Now that you have some great workspace motivation, how do you put it all together? Here are a couple of great tips to approaching the task of motivating your people.

Focus on a single idea or theme, such as Together We Can or Dare to Soar, to communicate to your people. Select products and activities that support that theme.
Have a variety of products always on hand to reinforce the message on a continued basis. You can't just give them a single item and wait for them to make the connection.
Motivate them where they sit. Everyone uses things like coffee mugs, binders, pen holders and notepads. We've put a motivating spin on all of these products, so you can consistently reinforce your theme each and every day.
Meet with your people -- you may even want to hold a kick-off meeting and have themed products waiting for them at their desks to introduce them to your theme and to get them excited about your initiative.
Listen to your people. You can never talk to your employees enough. Ask them how they feel, what would make them happy -- you may be surprised at their answers. Consider holding round table discussions on a regular basis. They are a great opportunity to really get to the heart of what's important.
Get everyone get involved. Set up teams within your department and give them activities to work on together that support your theme. For instance, if your theme is Make It Happen, have each team come up with a list of goals they think would fall under the theme and integrate select ones into your efforts.
Remember, motivation takes time...you can't go from 0 to 60 with motivation and expect your team to change overnight. Motivation is an ongoing process of passion and persistence, listening to what your staff needs to make them happy, and reinforcing your commitment to both them and the company.

Here are just a couple of universal themes we've found to be relevant and important to both managers and staff alike.


You may also want to take your cue from your company's mission statement. Often the initiatives you want to achieve are already there.

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