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Give Your Entire Office a Motivational Makeover!

Just as a fresh coat of paint can literally transform a room, a fresh infusion of inspiration throughout a workplace can transform attitudes and bring renewed energy to your organization. Don't worry, you don't have to knock down walls…or break the budget. There are plenty of small things you can do to give your workplace a motivational makeover that can have a real effect on productivity, positivity and bottom line results.

1. Let your walls do the talking. Most organizations have a mission statement. Very few organizations communicate it effectively. Use your walls as a way to educate your staff, clients, customers and vendors about the principles that are most important to your organization. State your core values clearly and beautifully with a variety of motivational framed prints or customize a framed print with your mission statement for maximum impact.

2. Color your world. White walls are not a bad thing, but think about how we react to colors. Shades of blues, greens, yellows and taupes have been proven to calm employees and help to create a serene environment.

3. Plant some peace. Add greenery to your office space and you can breath easy…literally. Plants naturally clean the air by converting the carbon dioxide we expel into fresh oxygen. Also, plants keep humidity regulated at an even level which reduces people's susceptibility to illness. Get growing! Plants are an inexpensive way to bring the benefits of the outdoors in.

4. Coordinate your efforts. Once you've put important ideas on your walls, carry these key concepts through to your desks. Desktop prints, greeting cards and office supplies can help reinforce important principles while helping to coordinate and organize your office space.

5. Make bragging space. Don't let certificates and awards gather dust inside someone's desk. Give everyone space to show off their accomplishments. If your recipients have minimal display space available, consider providing a display frame with each certificate you present to help them make the most of their achievements. This is also a great time of year to start a new monthly recognition program – get everyone involved.

6. Organize the troops. Start fresh with an organized desk. Make it easy by setting aside several hours for everyone in the organization to go through those piles of papers, pack away old files and take time to throw out unnecessary clutter. Make sure you have boxes, markers, new file folders, binders and trash cans close at hand.

7. Just say "Thanks!" It seems so simple, but a handwritten card from you will make every member of your team feel great. Thank them for their hard work and share the sincere praise you may have been too busy to pass along. Absolutely free to you, these words of encouragement can be priceless to the recipient and are the real key to any successful workplace makeover.

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