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Author Spotlight: Motivating Today's Employees

This easy-to-read handbook from Bob Nelson - best-selling author and leading authority on energizing, motivating, and inspiring employees to new peaks of performance - offers an overview of motivation along with supporting statistics, relevant quotations and

Straight forward usable suggestions for implementing motivation and recognition in your organization. Nelson maintains that "finding time" is the biggest obstacle to increasing recognition in the workplace. The most effective way to increase the level of recognition is for managers to make it a habit, a natural part of their daily routine. Consider these techniques used by other successful managers:

Write thank you notes at day's end - Before you go home, write personal notes to people who made a difference

Wander around and be observant of your team - Get to know them and be accessible when they need you

Harness the power of technology - When pressed for time, leave praise via voice mail or e-mail

Hold one-on-one meetings - Set planned face-to-face time with employees to use as they desire

Schedule time for recognition - For example, at the beginning or end of company meetings, or schedule bragging sessions to update and celebrate the progress of major projects

Nelson also suggests eliciting the help of other managers. Find out how they are making time for recognition and exchange action plans.

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