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Don't Let Good Change Go Bad

Somehow change has gotten a bad rap despite the fact that in most cases, people don't set out to implement changes that will have a negative impact. So maybe it's not change that's at fault, but the way change is managed that gives it such a bad name.

Don't let good change go bad this year. Help change maintain its good name by committing to these simple steps:

Communicate openly—A recent survey revealed that only 46 percent of employees agree that they are well-informed about what is happening at their company. When approaching change, it's imperative that you communicate openly. If some details are still undecided, it's ok to say you don't know. People appreciate candor.

Connect the dots—While the reason for change is crystal clear to you, it might not make sense to others. Give concrete examples of why change is necessary and the positive impact it will have on your business.

Put employees first—Surprisingly or not, just 2 in 5 employees trust senior management, according to a study done by Watson Wyatt. To gain employee trust when it comes to change address "what about me" up front. Employees will be more receptive to change if they know that the people at the top have considered how they will be affected.

Be a champion of change—Show wholehearted support for change... and mean it. As a leader, if you're second-guessing what's going on, so will your team. Be supportive and let your team know that you expect their support as well.

Celebrate and have a good time—Change can be exciting! Set milestones throughout the change process and celebrate when these milestones are met. At the end, make sure everyone is recognized for their efforts and reiterate the positive outcomes of change.

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