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When it Comes to Recognition, Too Much is Never Enough

When it comes to recognition, it's important to remember…too much is never enough. While formal monthly, quarterly and yearly recognition presentations are crucial, it is the day-to-day acknowledgments that can motivate any person, any team and any organization to reach their full potential.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when recognizing your people:

• Link achievement to organizational goals

Reinforcement leads to repeat behavior, so be sure you're reinforcing actions you want repeated.

• Fit the award to the accomplishment

Use a variety of recognition techniques and awards that are equal to the accomplishment.

• Familiarize yourself with the people receiving recognition

Learn about the people you're recognizing and the details about what they've done.

• Publicize their achievements

No matter how big or how small, make some noise when sharing worker's accomplishments. It is a celebration and should be treated as such.

• Be spontaneous and timely

It doesn't take significant planning or a huge budget to give verbal praise or pass along an appreciative note. And don't wait - when you see someone going above and beyond, recognize it immediately.

• Be genuine

Your sincerity will shine through. Tell them why they've earned the award and sincerely thank them for their efforts.

It doesn't have to cost a lot to recognize your people in a meaningful way, either. Here are some low-cost, high-impact ways you can say "Great job!"

• Catch them in the act!

Whether it is at their desk, in a meeting or in an informal discussion, when you catch somebody going above and beyond, hand out some kind of instant award - a medallion, a sticker or a gift card, for instance. You can even set up a redemption system where they can collect these pieces and "earn" bigger prizes!

• Put it in writing.

So often, employees cite "not being recognized" as a reason for dissatisfaction. A hand-written notecard is a powerful yet cost-effective way to tell your people you value their contributions. Take time out once a week to write two or three cards. You'll be amazed at the results.

• Give them bragging rights.

When a customer or another employee takes time to commend one of your people—shout about it! Create a brag board where letters and commendations can be posted. Hand out forms coworkers can fill out to recognize one another's performance. Show them you're proud of their accomplishments!

• Travel to new heights.

Select an award that can be used as a traveling award - the more fun, the better! A unique object, such as a small statuette, one of our positive pals, or a product your own company manufactures, can be used. Then, once a month, present it to a person or team that has demonstrated a positive attitude or great teamwork. Treat them all to a small gift or a nice meal and allow them to pick the next recipients. Get everyone involved in the process and really build excitement!

These are just a few ideas – have fun with your recognition efforts and help your people (and your organization) succeed!

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