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Award Reinforces Teamwork Culture at Best Buy

Challenge: Tom Pitzen, Best Practices Manager at Best Buy headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, needed a unique and meaningful way to recognize members of a cross-functional process improvement team.

What role does recognition play in Best Buy's corporate culture?
We use recognition daily through a variety of programs so that people are continuously receiving positive reinforcement for their contributions. It has a tremendous affect on what we're able to achieve.

How did you reward your process improvement team?
We recognized nearly 400 associate members of the team by giving each of them an Essence of Teamwork desktop framed print. We also treated them to a favorite team event—a local baseball game.

Why did you choose a desktop framed print to recognize the team members?
I wanted an award that is visible and symbolic of our accomplishment. The print has a lasting affect, unlike a pen or monetary award, because people see the desktop piece again and again throughout the day.

The Essence of Teamwork summed up the substantial combined effort that was required for our project to be successful. The quote is perfect for a cross-functional team because it speaks about differences that exist among team members, and the common goal that they share. It serves as a constant reminder of what was achieved through teamwork.

What did the team members think of the award?
The response was great. People proudly display the piece on their desks as a symbol of their participation on the team.

Would you use the piece again?
As a matter of fact, we've had others ask how they can earn it. However, we've "retired" it in honor of that team. We'll choose a new image that is meaningful to future projects.

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