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Top 10 Ways to Use Instant Recognition

    1. Cost Savings Programs. Reward those who come up with ideas to save your organization money.
    2. Peer Recognition Programs. Have employees submit co-worker's names for exemplifying company values.
    3. Emphasize Efficiency. Offer incentives for ideas to streamline processes.
    4. Recognize Above and Beyond Customer Service. In tough economic times, service can be your winning edge – and appreciated employees pass on the positive spark.
    5. Encourage Team Efforts. Reward teams that pitch in to help other departments and reach beyond their assigned roles.
    6. Acknowledge Great Attitudes. Those whose positive demeanors keep morale high should be rewarded.
    7. Recognize Big Ideas. Foster a climate of innovation and vision with incentives.
    8. Personal Encouragement. Affordable cards with personalized or handwritten notes do wonders for morale.
    9. Anniversaries or Promotions. Treating employees with respect and recognizing their efforts increases job satisfaction and employee retention.
    10. "Collect Them All" Programs. Offer incentive programs where larger rewards such as time off, free lunches and more are achieved each time an employee accumulates a pre-set number of cards, certificates, pins and/or or medallions.

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Awards Ceremony Special

    1. Send Out Formal Invitations. Start building excitement early.
    2. Rent a Stage and/or Podium. This ramps up the drama for awardees and attendees.
    3. Use a Red Carpet. Even a short swath of carpet gives a theatrical appearance.
    4. Use Humor. Add fun, light award categories to the ceremony to surprise and delight those attending.
    5. People's Choice Awards. Engage all employees by asking them to vote on one or more categories.
    6. Hire Entertainment. Depending on your budget and focus, motivational speakers, comedians specializing in clean office-related humor or special music can make the ceremony positively unforgettable.
    7. Host a Reception Afterwards. Even a short reception uplifts attitudes by giving attendees a chance to relax over conversation and refreshments.
    8. Publicly Recognize Winners. Place names and accomplishments on a building marquee, in a local paper or in a regional newsletter.
    9. Accompany Awards with an Extra Perk. Surprise award recipients with economical, memorable and fun perks like their own personal casual day, VIP parking or a two-hour lunch break in addition to their award.
    10. Small Gifts/Favors for Everyone. Handing out affordable promotional items, motivational products or edible favors encourages engagement by all in attendance.

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