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National 2014 July Holidays

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July Fun Holidays
July National Holidays
July Fun Holidays
July National Holidays
National Holidays
Canada Day
Embrace Your Geek Day
Cow Appreciation Day
National Hot Dog Day
Summer Olympics
Successories Holidays

July 2014 National Holidays

Welcome to the heart of summer! July kicks off with Canada day. Our brother's and sister's to the north deserve the celebration. Then America gets it's time to shine on the 4th of July, celebrating Indepence Day. Then finish the week sweetly by taking a bite of chocate on National Chocolate Day on July 7th. Be a pal and cheer up the lonely on July 11th. Then let your geek flag fly on July 13th. Show your appreciation to our bovine friends on Cow Apprecation Day (July 1th). No tipping please. And in summer tradition, enjoy a hot dog on National Hot Dog Day July 23rd. Then let the Summer Olympic Games being on July 27th!

Successories always looks to historical figures for inspiration, whether it be their life stories or their inspiring quotes, and none is more inspiring than Amelia Earhart who's we celebrate on July 24th.