National 2014 June Holidays

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June 2014 National Holidays

June is a very fun month as schools come to an end and we look forward toward the first day of summer. So have fun celebrating National Doughnut Day. Be the hero of the office by bring doughnuts into work for Doughnut Friday! YoYo your way through June 6th for National YoYo Day and then treat yourself to Chocolate Ice Cream on Chocolate Ice Cream Day. But more importantly, make sure to celebrate Email Week by clearing out your inbox and going through your spam to celebrate. Wish your father's Happy Father's Day on June 15, 2014. Shake hands on World Handshake Day. But don't forget the hand sanitizer. Real man wear pink (and ladies too) on June 23, 2013 for National Pink Day.

Successories always looks to historical figures for inspiration, whether it be their life stories or their inspiring quotes, and none is more inspiring than Helen Keller who's birthday is June 27th.