National 2014 October Holidays

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2014 October Fun Holiday Calendar

Fun October Holidays

October is the unofficial start of fall and the kick off to the holiday season. With tons of fun holidays such as Frappes Day and Chocolate Cake Day, it ends with the with a bang on October 31st on Halloween.

October has fun office holidays such as Improve your Office day on Saturday October 4th, because we all know everyone loves coming in on a Saturday! But you also have Monday October 20th to clean up your virtual desktop. All spaces can get cluttered and overwhelming - which is why we should not neglect our virtual ones. Improve productivity and efficiency with a clean desktop.

October is also a month full of holidays that honor the workplace heroes. World Teachers' Day is Sunday October 5th, Customer Service Week is October 6th - 10th, and Bosses Day is October 16th. Also, Navy Day is October 27th and October 13th is native American Day.