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Framed Award

Customer Favorite Framed Award

Updated Monday 06-18-2018
Attitude Lightning Framed Award
from PipeDreams of Baltimore, MD

Attitude Lightning Framed Award

I am a committee member of a male chorus who awarded a young high school student with this award for her successful accomplishment at a preparatory music academy. As she moves forward in her endeavors to attend a local college to major in voice, it was befitting to have an award that not only recognized her current accomplishment but also would provide continuous motivation in striving towards her goals.

Power of A Leader Framed Award
from Shirley of Cut Bank, Mt

Power of A Leader Framed Award

Great gift
We use this for our gift for the student rep to our school board. Perfect gift for the Cut Bank Wolves!

Teamwork Hands Framed Award
from Sharon YMCA of Kimberly, WI

Teamwork Hands Framed Award

Excellent recognition gift
We use this plaque every year to recognize our out-going board members. It's the perfect size and has the perfect message to thank our board members for their service.