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Gavel Awards

Customer Favorite Gavel Awards

Updated Wednesday 10-28-2020
Gavel and Engraved Stand
starstarstarstarno star from Brett of Memphis, TN

Gavel and Engraved Stand

High quality gift
This is a gift for an outgoing president in an organization.

Gavel and Engraved Stand
starstarstarstarstar from Dr Zacks of Fair Lawn, NJ

Gavel and Engraved Stand

This item's quality is excellent.
The employee who entered the text made a small error, substituting a "!" for a "1". The company did immediately offer to send a corrected item, but it did not arrive on time for the presentation. So, this is a company which tries to get it right and stands behind its products. It's a problem with the weak link in the chain, an employee which lacks the concern or ability to maintain the company's high standards.