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"A lot of players his age are obsessed with making it to the pros. He's not that way, because he's very confident as a person that he can do other things."
"The events of Jan. 4 were serious. They were atypical of what goes on here and we have taken steps in their aftermath. The expulsions were a result of that."
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"Everything I have is here. My family is the most important thing."
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"That's what it's all about is trying to get to the College World Series."
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"We have enough linemen to run behind and to fill the gaps on defense."
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"I think a lot of it is drive. It's the want, it's the hunger, it's the desire all balled up, and not accepting defeat. There have been times when you do come up short and all you can expect out of yourself is to put the right emotions into anything you are doing and you can be willing to accept the results."
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"There were about 40 hours spent with staff about this design."
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"I think we have been able to break and establish some records over the past couple of years. We have basically established a new bar of excellence."
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"This transaction creates value for GM shareholders while allowing for an even more competitive Delphi. We wish Delphi and its employees great success as they begin their journey as a fully independent company."
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"There ain't going to be trouble today because they got police everywhere. It's going to be all right because no one wants to go to jail."
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"I don't think he's even grasped his potential yet."
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"We were saying look at all of this 'unrealized economic potential,' to use a Daniels-type of phrase."
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"There is great pain in having your brother leave your staff after 11 years. Pat has made a contribution to the legacy of this wrestling program. He regrets his personal decisions and is stepping down because he loves Oklahoma State University and the wrestling program."
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