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"This new commitment to the chip will result in more training, for starters."
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"If you see the future of computing as 'give me the answer now,' it favors something like Cell, a computer platform designed for photorealistic modeling."
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"His magic is seeing value where others don't."
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"He was about as good a renaissance-man catch as Sony could have hoped for."
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"In the consumer electronics world, there's always talk now about Apple, the way people used to talk about Sony. At the water cooler or in boardrooms, they're asking, 'What is Apple doing next?' or 'How do we stay out of their way?"
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"We should see interesting performance jumps at very low power. The biggest bang for the buck should be in portable video."
"The most significant thing is that Intel intends to qualify not just access, but also the quality of video so as not to show jittery videos in a small window."
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"Some people here joke that next year, this will be called the cable-less show. Their business models are under attack."
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"The big debate at E3 will be over whether graphics and sound are king [as in console games] or whether we want to be able to play others at any time [as in Internet-connected games]. Nobody has the answer yet. If network gaming wins, you can bet game console sales would slow."
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"In the 28 years that I've been attending CES, this is the first one that's had such diversity of consumer electronics, PC and content industries."
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"The August 1995 timeline really caps bout 18 months of innovation, when Intel really wanted to put features into the silicon at a faster pace than Microsoft would have the software to deliver it,"
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"The people who set that up (in Rancho Bernardo) were promoted within Sony . . . because they were able to make what was perceived then as Japanese quality with American workers. So long before Toyota and Nissan and others moved in the U.S. with car manufacturing, Sony was producing very high quality products in the U.S."
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"If it can bring some new level of performance to products, it should be beneficial."
"This is the first music product that people consider to be an emotional statement."
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"The forecast seems optimistic because so many factors are out of Sony's control,"
Author: Doherty Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We essentially are giving up holiday 2006, and for notebook makers that is going to impact their bottom line quite a bit. The first quarter is the slowest quarter of the year for any PC (sales)."
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"A lot of lawyers are going to throw their hands up and ask, 'How do we make money from this? The answer is: 'Maybe they don't."
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"There is no middle ground with a meeting with Steve Jobs. You are either contributing to something he has thought of, or you are agreeing to something he has thought of."
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"There are up to 8 layers in an average power chip, and IBM ( Profile , Products , Articles ) appears to have used just the right technology that gave them the fastest speed and least heat needed in each layer of the chip."
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"Sony has never been good in its thinking about how quality can be diluted. That was their problem with Beta over VHS. VHS wasn't as high-quality as Beta, and they just presumed consumers would go with the best quality. It's the same thing with flat-panel displays."
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