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Jim Kolbe Quotes

6 Jim Kolbe quotes:

"The bill before us today does nothing to solve the real problems of immigration. It's worse than nothing because it tries to fool the public. It pulls the wool over their eyes. It pretends we are doing something to secure our border when in fact we are doing nothing except throw words and money at the problem."
Author: Kolbe Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Now there's going to be buying power over these plans and it's going to force the prices down, so it's going to effect their profit line a little bit on the bottom line. It's going to cut off a little of their profits, if there's the competition we think there's going to be."
Author: Kolbe Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Through free trade, we have exported our principles, as well as our products - sharing America's freedom and democracy with the world,"
Author: Kolbe Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"I'm looking forward to the day when we have a free trade agreement (with New Zealand),"
Author: Kolbe Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"they have got to turn up the heat?. The president has got to work on building up support for this."
Author: Kolbe Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"A free trade agreement with Malaysia is about more than economics."
Author: Kolbe Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes

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