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12 Carl Crawford quotes:

"Everyone knew he'd come back and pitch well. I'm just happy he's OK."
Author: Crawford Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"Everything is still positive. Everybody's still having fun."
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"All we hear is Vince saying that he is not leaving anytime soon, ... We don't know what to believe. I really don't think guys are thinking about it too much. We're just kind of in limbo. We're just waiting to see what happens. It sounds like it's going to be a wild offseason."
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"It was just one of those games. It didn't matter what (Waechter) did. The way they came out, it was going to happen to whoever pitched."
Author: Crawford Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I'm sorry we couldn't get the win for [Seth], but baseball's funny like that. Hopefully, we'll come out tomorrow swinging the bats."
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"Seth pitched well today. It's too bad we couldn't get the win for him, but baseball is funny like that. Especially with this team. It's tough to get zero against a team like us. Don't ask me how something like today happened."
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"There's always room for improvement. That's why I keep coming back."
"Not the way he was pitching. Everyone knew he'd come back and pitch well. I'm just happy he's OK."
Author: Crawford Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"He's got the same kind of passion I have. We're kind of similar in a lot of ways. That's why I think that's what brought us together, the demeanor that we have to get better, the competitive edge."
Author: Crawford Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"[The Devil Rays finished the season 67-95, three wins shy of the team record set last year.] It's going to be a little different because I've been here with Lou for the past three years and I've gotten used to his ways, ... Lou is somebody who wants to win every game, every day. That's the attitude he brings."
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"The thing about this team is that no matter who's in the lineup, this is the kind of team that's not going to miss a beat offensively."
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"[General manager Chuck LaMar said the agreement] reinforces our goal to sign, develop and retain our most talented, young players, ... cornerstone of our future successes."
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