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Lisa Stevens Quotes

7 Lisa Stevens quotes:

"He's a climbing fiend. He's climbing all over the rocks, or he's climbing on his mother. And when he's not climbing on her, he's chewing on her. . . . She lets him treat her like a giant chew toy."
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"Pandas do communicate a lot of information by scent marking and leaving their scent on an object."
"The pandas are ready. I'm certain the visitors are ready. There's going to be a lot of fun to be had around the panda house."
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"[As for his diet,] he's solely consuming his mother's milk, ... We've already been giving him bamboo. It's very cute to watch him. He rehearses all the adult moves. He slouches back and holds the bamboo in his paws. He pulls the leaves through his mouth. He chews on them and he chews on the stalk. But he's not swallowing it. He's not eating it. We expect that milestone to occur sometime about a month from now."
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Cute Quotes
"This was really positive for us, ... She's interested enough in us and food that we can distract her."
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"His little eyes are open, and he can see what's going on,"
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"I'm much more concerned about visitors. The animals are seeking cool places and are inactive. The visitors are out here walking around in this heat. So we really are more concerned about them and want them to be very careful about taking time to cool off."
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Animals Quotes

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