Andy Hedrick Quotes

5 Andy Hedrick quotes:

"Josh has really come on as a leader. He's so competitive. He's a great athlete, but a lot of what he gets comes out of his competitiveness."
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"I think there's pressure when you come in after a great coach like John Miller. But it's not pressure I put on myself instead of expectations. It's very tough to follow a coach who accomplished as much as John did."
Author: Hedrick Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"We need to feel more familiar in knowing we need to play well. We're really young, so the future looks really bright for us. We need to focus on every game and playing well every game from here on out."
Author: Hedrick Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Coach Bailey was at times worth the "price of admission"
Author: Hedrick Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"I think the big difference between them and us is they're just physically stronger. Their bodies looked like men and we looked like boys."
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