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14 Valentino Castellani quotes:

"My wife is a good cook and she says to me the eyes want their part. What you see must be exciting and inviting."
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"Most of the test events were held last winter with great success and in November and December we will have the final test events. We are getting close."
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"These events move a lot of resources, and they are used all over the world in that manner."
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"The culture of Italians is that of a very short time, so it is difficult, ... It would be unbelievable in our country to, say, make a reservation at a restaurant one month in advance. They would answer the phone and say, 'Are you crazy, sir?'"
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"We learned to know each other and know our differences. This is the way to build the culture of peace."
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"We have a contingency plan to bring in boys and girls. It will be an education for them."
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"Our history is not necessarily in ice sports. This might have, as a consequence, a big number of boys and girls who will practice ice sports."
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"There is nothing new, we are calm. It's the magistrates work that continues ... we have always offered our cooperation."
"It is a route that will show all the beauty and variety of our country."
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"We've done it. All together, with superb teamwork, with a lot of hard work and with great passion. . . . It has been a great celebration of sports."
"That's it. It's not worth trying to work this way anymore, ... You can't occupy a position of responsibility like mine and not have the faith and support of all the people who have a responsibility for organizing the Olympics."
"We are very satisfied and committed. We don't have any structural problems. Everything is working. ... We will have always some small problems to solve. What is important is to solve them quickly."
"At this stage we do not face any structural problems, but there are still a lot of small details to fix and monitor in the few days before the opening of the Games. We are ready and committed."
"We are trying our best to give you the best of our possibilities. We do not have any structural problems, but we do have a lot of details to fix before the games start."

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