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Rick Minter Quotes

8 Rick Minter quotes:

"The danger is they take the ball out of our hands with long, meticulous, slow, grinding drives."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"He has a standard of excellence he wants to set the bar at. That's what drives the man. He has a way of envisioning his dream and he doesn't compromise what he wants that end result to be."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Excellence Quotes
"We could have altered the course of history ... and didn't. That's all life is, putting yourself in a position to be successful and grasping the moment when it's there. We had 'em on the ropes, but we weren't good enough to finish them. That's why they turned out to be national champions. Even though it was prelude to a bunch of close games to come for Ohio State, they learned something that day about themselves."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: History Quotes
"Anthony is a lot more confident in what he is trying to do on the field now. He plays more aggressively and physically rather than with hesitation, uncertainty and a lack of confidence. Maturity and experience is the key to those things."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"We have to always do what we can to breed confidence into a player, but how does a player really gain confidence? It's being successful. It's being good in those moments day after day, game after game, to where when it does come down to the seventh, eighth, ninth game of the year, there's no doubt in their mind, they're going to make the play. It comes down to confidence."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"We all want the same thing in our case, defensive excellence at all times."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Excellence Quotes
"Timing is everything in life."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"I think the way (Weis) thinks in so many ways. He's rough and tough and doesn't hold back words ... he tells it like it is. I like straight-shooters. And with it comes our aggressive approach on defense. I think I'm a good fit and happy to be here."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Words Quotes

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