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"Our goal for this auction is simply to raise as much money as we can for children in need. We have no doubt that the fans will rally to support the cause just like their favorite athletes, sporting associations and entertainers that so readily made donations."
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"The lobbying on CNOOC was particularly intense on both sides, ... It was really symbolic of the problems that we are having defining what our relationship with China will be in the future."
Author: Larsen Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"On paper, this district was designed (after the 2000 census) to be competitive, but elections aren't run on paper,"
Author: Larsen Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"The public isn't clamoring for any more lapdogs in Congress -- they want more watchdogs, especially after Katrina and the challenges we face in Iraq and the issues of fiscal responsibility with the budget."
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"I hadn't seen a Chinese ambassador on the Hill before, ... In the past four months, the Chinese embassy has been more aggressive in trying to contact members of Congress."
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