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"The problem with most security products is that they require people to change their behavior, so vendors need to make it as simple as possible for all users to take the necessary steps to protect themselves."
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"Clearly, the user doesn't benefit from these default settings."
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"I hope H&R Block doesn't do it again. The likelihood of Congress criminalizing disclosure of private information is growing."
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"Obtaining a guilty plea is a positive step in combating a growing problem -- hijacking thousands of computers for personal gain. The case validates what we have seen as the criminalization of the Windows platform, and it is especially dangerous because the exploit was used for a profit motive."
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"They looked at everything workers did on the computers."
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"Protect the most important things. For instance, store customers' credit-card information on a transactional server, but harness software that can encrypt the data. It is important to keep data where adequate protections are available."
"The main value of threat response services is the global intelligence network that feeds it. A robust global network with sophisticated data analysis differentiates one service from the next. It is a key determining factor when choosing a security provider."
"It's good to see Microsoft helping bring fraudsters like these to justice."
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"This type of problem is not unique to Microsoft, but they seem to keep making the same mistakes. The vulnerability is noteworthy because hackers could create an automated exploit that would impact the vast number of Windows users."
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"But the fact that there was a security breach is troubling, especially if there are no technical fixes available to protect the system,"
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"I am glad H&R Block says that revealing social security numbers is against its policy. The question is what is it going to do about it, and is anyone going to get into trouble for this breach of security."
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