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16 Bob Riley quotes:

"No skill shapes a child's future success in school or in life more than the ability to read."
"I have long believed that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism."
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"I think you'd change Alabama fundamentally if in six years someone said, 'If you want the best education in America, you've got to live in Alabama.' you'd change economic development, change the image of this state, you'd offer these kids an opportunity they otherwise would never have had."
"The opponents of my budget propose taking $200 million out of our classrooms and instead spending it on a larger school employee pay raise. Our focus should be on making sure our children come first."
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"In a time of tight budgets, difficult choices have to be made. We must make sure our very limited resources are spent on priorities. I believe we should have no higher priority than investing in our children's classrooms and in their future."
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"If we are going to save this country, if we are going to reestablish that belief in God, it's up to us. If we don't do it, who will?"
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"I had his cell phone; he had mine, ... There was just a constant communication."
"When I proposed this amendment to the Legislature, it simply removed segregationist language from our constitution -- something I hope all Alabamians would support."
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"Alabama is fortunate to have a world-class company like Toyota located here, ... It has a great team of dedicated workers who are helping to propel Alabama's economy forward. The state is proud to be a partner in the company's continuing success."
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"I firmly believe God puts different people in different parts of history so great things can happen, ... I think Rosa Parks is one of those people."
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"Government does not create jobs. It only helps create the conditions that make jobs more or less likely."
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"there is no reason -- no jobs, no food -- no reason for them to stay."
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"The men and women who serve in our military have won for us every hour we live in freedom, sometimes at the expense of the very hours of the lifetimes they had hoped to live."
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"If a child lives less than two miles, the parent has the responsibility to get that child to school. A school bus is just something people consider an easy solution."
"Victims of domestic violence need support and effective services, ... I'm pleased to make these funds available to SABRA Sanctuary to assist their work in west Alabama."
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"Alabama has been providing immediate and life-saving services to our neighbors and affected Alabama citizens in the wake of this disaster, ... Getting vital health-care services to these victims continues to be a priority for our state. The best and most efficient way to accomplish that is to support the state programs and the local health-care providers already in place."
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