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David Resler Quotes

8 David Resler quotes:

"I think we can look to several more months, if not years, of this kind of performance. This is a terrific inflation report - exactly the kind of thing we all like to see."
Author: Resler Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"There is a view out there -- and this gets more into psychology than economics, that if Fed moves 50 (basis points) now, it might be all they need to do."
"Uncertainty about the pricing environment will keep inventory investment more disappointing than some other economists expect."
Author: Resler Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Today's numbers are pointing toward a considerable improvement in manufacturing activity in the second half of the year. Inventories are so lean that I can't imagine businesses have enough left to satisfy much of the demand. There's got to be more production."
Author: Resler Quotes Category: Improvement Quotes
"People are still planning to spend, and today's income numbers tell us that they have the wherewithal to do so."
Author: Resler Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Claims continue hovering slightly above the 300,000 mark, implying strong, steady labor market conditions."
Author: Resler Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Generally speaking the November sales pace makes one wonder what is going on with housing starts."
Author: Resler Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"The Fed is without question, especially in light of the behavior of the stock market, focused with laser-like scrutiny on consumer confidence."
Author: Resler Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes

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