Brian Butler Quotes

5 Brian Butler quotes:

"My perception was that video games were really the most worthless things that a child does."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Now there's another layer of management that has to approve things. We'll just have to hope Home Depot will be the good corporate citizen that Hughes has been."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"We worked real hard in practice all week, and that's where it starts."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"I went back around the front again and that's when you saw people stacked on top of each other trying to get out of the front door. And by then the black smoke was pouring out over their heads, out the side windows on the other side."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Some people were already trying to leave and others were just sitting there going 'Yeah that's great!' and I remember that statement because I was like, 'This is not great, this is time to leave.'"
Author: Butler Quotes Category: People Quotes

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